Traveling the world in our Land Rover Defender

Our story

We are Jan and Vale, we both share a passion for traveling and between us have visited 62 of the world’s 195 countries. We still have a lot to explore and we would like to share our adventures with you.

We are lucky enough to travel every day in our jobs, this is great, but we spend a considerable ammount of time at airports and in airplanes. To get away from this during our time off we have decided to take up Overlanding.

Overlanding is a form of self-reliant travel to remote destinations where the emphasis is on the journey itself. The travels are often for extended lengths of time and can span many countries or even whole continents. 

We have already been on many short trips, but in November  2019 we decided to embark on the overland trip of a life time… 
Milan to Capetown.